My Family Crest

My Family Crest

Saturday, March 26, 2011

State Politicians are Lying Whores and Thieves!

It has been 18 months since my last posting. In that time I have been "pink-slipped" 2 more times, taught 5th grade last year and back to kindergarten this year. I LOVE Kindergarten but it doesn't look promising at all for rehiring next year. Our small district has cut 7 elementary positions and 5 MS/HS partial positions (periods).
Our state politicians have successfully ruined the budget of this state with little chance of repairing in the next 5 years. These asses have funded all of their garbage with no thought of education taking the brunt of their mistakes. But keep those prisoners in luxury!
Our classrooms are going to be filled to the ceilings and teachers will be there only for crowd control. You CANNOT teach a group of 35 kindergartners with no aides and no parent help...all by yourself. And the upper grades will be at 40+...THAT'S JUST RIDICULOUS!
Any thoughts...?

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